ACL Control

One of the benefits of CDR-Stats is ACL access, allowing numerous people to access CDR-Stats each viewing their own CDR with permissions assigned to allow viewing different parts of the interface.

Add Customer

To add a new user, enter the admin screen and Add Customer. Enter a username and password, (twice for authentication), optionally add address details, then enter the accountcode of the customer which corresponds to the accountcode that is delivered in the CDR. When done, click save, and the customer details will be saved and the page reloaded and now displays the user permissions available.

Permissions can be added individually by selecting the permission and then pressing the right arrow to move the permission from the left field to the right field. When done, click save. The permissions to assign to the user are those beginning with user_profile and cdr_alert.

Group Permissions

When you have many customers who are all to have the same permissions, you can add a group, assign the group the desired permissions, then add the customer to the group.

From the admin screens, Click add group, give it a name, assign permissions then save. Finally edit the customer, select the groups to which the customer will belong, then click save. The customer will then inherit permissions from their group.