User Guide


CDR-Stats is a web based application built on a Django Web framework which uses PostgreSQL as the CDR data store.

Celery ( is an asynchronous task queue/job queue based on distributed message. It is used to build the backend system to monitor CDR, detect unusual activity, and react by sending an alert email.

CDR Stats Management Features

  • CDR Mediation
  • CDR Rating
  • Multi-tenant design that allows call detail records from multiple switches or PBX systems.
  • Custom alarm triggers can be set to email the administrator for a range of conditions including unusual average call durations, failed calls, and unexpected destinations called.
  • Graphical tools help detect unusual call patterns which may indicate suspicious or fraudulent activity.
  • Import Call Detail Records in CSV format
  • Configure Switches for import
  • Create Customer and assign accountcode
  • Configure alert to detect unsual increase/decrease of Traffic

CDR Stats Customer Portal Features

  • Password management
  • Call Details Record
  • Monthly, Daily, Hourly Call reporting
  • Impact Reporting
  • Country Reporting
  • Realtime Reporting of calls in progress
  • View Fraudulent Calls
  • Concurrent Call Statistic
  • Configure Mail Reporting
  • Top 10 destination Traffic
  • Export to CSV
  • Automated daily reporting.
  • Call cost reports

How to use CDR-Stats

CDR-Stats has two main areas, the admin screen and the customer portal. The admin and customer areas are described in detail in the following pages.

CDR-Stats has been designed to be responsive, that is to say the the layout changes depending on the size and resolution of the browser viewing the pages.